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Today’s world is an insecure place, full of threats on many fronts with crises, violent conflicts, natural disasters, persistent poverty, epidemics and economic downturns imposing hardships and undercut prospects for peace, stability, and sustainable development. These crises can be complex, entailing multiple forms of human insecurity. When they overlap, they can form a threat nexus, spilling into all aspects of people’s lives, destroying entire communities and crossing national borders.

Carl’s approach to these challenges is about taking a holistic approach to Non Traditional Security issues involving practical and theory in order to solve problems and achieve best outcomes. Policy development or implementation in areas such as Water security, Energy security,  Environmental security, Food security, Health security, Individual security and Community security are always factored into the policy nexus along with current legislation, best national and international practices.

The connecting nexus between Human security and areas for example like Water security, Food security and Energy security & the complex relationship to climate change for example must be understood to produce the best result in developing and implementation of policy, training courses and logistical support in extremely challenging environments and meeting the high expectations of the stake holders.

Carl’s extensive studies at Murdoch University over 10 years studying topic’s as diverse as public policy analysis, ethics responsibility & justice, Islam terror & multiculturalism, ethnic conflict & multiculturalism, ethnic diversity & ethnic conflict, ethics responsibility & justice, Indigenous Australia and the Nation, culture diversity and crime, give him the ability to take on positions of governance and policy implementation.

But he is not just about theory. Commencing his working life in the Australian Merchant Navy as a deck rating for 6 years was followed by the N.S.W security industry for over 30 years & also served in R.A.A.F 22SQN (res) for just under 12 years. This work experience and training received from the Merchant Navy, NSW Security Industry, R.A.A.F & his own training and consulting organization Tactical Krav Maga have given him real world hands on experience.

Currently the General Manager at T.K.M. a training, consulting & education organisation, holds a BA in Security Studies also BA in Politics & International Studies from Murdoch University. Carl has attended the Australian Maritime College as well as 1RTU R.A.A.F Base Wagga.

Tactical Krav Maga which Carl started up in 2000 is a holistic training, consulting & education organisation which was developed to provide solutions to Non Traditional Security issues by combining knowledge, experience, education and advising on policy and good governance from the Australian and Israeli experience.

T.K.M. has established and managed branches overseas in Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh & Serbia. In these regions he is involved with the education of many civilian, police, NGO’s and military units regarding human security issues.

Carl has personally taught and trained members of ASIO, Australian Army (Combat Engineers), Federal Police, Royal Australian Navy, NZ Police, Indonesian Counter Terrorism Police (Dansus 88 & Gagana) and NSW Police.

Carl through his organization has implemented physical courses, logistical support, policy advice or academic studies to his clients in order for them to be able to better understand their specific problems allowing them to produce solutions which will deliver optimum outcomes. Carl & T.K.M. are about solving the problem from a holistic approach.

What we can do for you
  • Education
  • Policy advisor
  • Logistical support
  • Physical training
  • Due Diligence
  • Open Source Intelligence

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